Improvements In Registration Process

What better way to test-run the new and improved registration process than with a LARP?

As part of our effort to learn from the registration situation that understandably frustrated many of our attendees last year, we have made several improvements to the process. Some of the changes we made include modifications to the Code of Conduct acceptance procedure, and plans for splitting the registration line according to the various needs of our attendees, as well as increasing registration stations.

This year, the Code of Conduct acceptance process was embedded into the online registration process. This has removed the need for kiosks, printing forms at con, and bringing a printed form from home, as well as allowing attendees to indicate acceptance of the Code of Conduct prior to arrival at Arisia and within the comfort of their own homes.

Furthermore, we have formulated a plan to split registration lines to include separate lines for attendees with access issues, and for Arisia contributors (staff, program participants, and so on) who need to get where they’re going in a hurry in order to create a wonderful convention for everyone to enjoy. We’re also working with other divisions to ensure that this latter line is used only in the rare cases where folks arrive late for their events, usually for reasons beyond their control.

In order to test out these changes, at the November 13th Con Com, we invited all in attendance to grab a character card and help us stress test our system. We asked everyone to keep track of the time it took them to make their way through the line and the registration process, until they were badged and ready to go. The character cards included a range of situations and complications that typically arise during the reg process at Arisia – for every “complicated” situation, there were four “standard” registrations.

Division Heads LARPing as a family with small (and impatient) children

Based on our analysis of both total time in line and physical line length during the LARP, we will be increasing the number of both registration desk staff and registration managers. We are also excited to be assisted by Sharon Sbarsky and her line management experts to help us make sure the line moves as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our registration division is still looking for more volunteers to help us accomplish this task! If you are interested in volunteering, please check out the Registration Staff job description at our Help Wanted webpage,

Welcome to the Arisia blog!

Hello there, Arisians!

As you may see, we decided to start a blog, and I am here to welcome you to it. As this year’s conchair I am super excited to add this to our assortment of social media presences. My goal in writing this is to welcome you all and to invite you to explore Arisia, and participate in it fully.

We are hoping to have a number of blog posts happening, to let you in on the back-stage parts of the process, as well as to tell you some of the exciting things happening at Arisia 2017.

As you may have seen elsewhere, there are some super awesome Guests of Honor coming this year. We have Ursula Vernon coming as our Author Guest, and Stephanie Law is our Artist Guest. We also have Krypton Radio as our Radio Guest and Graykell Dutton as our Fan Guest. I am personally incredibly excited to have these fine folks joining us, and I hope those of you who are as familiar with them as I am are also excited, and those of you who are not familiar will get to know them and their work at the con this year!

So, once again, Welcome to the Arisia blog one and all, and welcome to the Arisia family!

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